Girl Power Academy Objectives

Responsive imageThe Girl Power Rugby Academy stands at the forefront of innovation in South African rugby, aiming to drive positive change within the sport.

With a focus on addressing the current lack of grassroots development for girls in South African rugby, the academy is set to provide a pioneering and safe environment for girls aged 6 to 18 to learn and play rugby.

In an area where there are no existing teams for this age group, GPRA becomes a vital support structure, offering mentorship and coaching led by experienced specialists.

With over 20 primary and high schools within a 30 km radius of the False Bay Rugby Club, GPRA is poised to be the academy of choice for 3000-4000 potential players in the Southern Suburbs and beyond, revolutionizing girls' participation in the game.

Three key issues underpin the mission and vision of the GPRA.

  1. Lack of opportunities – for girls to start rugby due to a shortage of girl’s teams in South Africa.
  2. Neglect – girls are not a priority when considering rugby resources and training. Girls do not receive the same standard of coaching as boys which has led to a poor standard of female rugby players even when there are extremely promising players.
  3. Lack of resource, specifically financial resources - development requires equipment and skill.

Our vision of a growing number of women who are available to play rugby at a club, national team and international touring team level has unveiled the following short-term objectives:

  • To recruit 100 girls to join and be supported by GPRA (ages 6-18).
  • Employ and provide opportunities to passionate women rugby coaches and to undergo rigorous training and gain qualifications, including World Rugby level 1 or level 2 coaching, Boksmart, and First Aid.
  • To offer 10 academy sponsorships to 10 girls from underserved areas and to empower these girls from communities where lack of resource and funding prohibit girls from entering the sport of rugby.
  • Host bi-annual girls' rugby festivals to showcase development, promoting women and girls in sport

With the necessary funding and support from donors and benefactors, the GPRA long term objectives are:

  • Facilitate the progression of academy participants to club, national, and international teams.
  • Expand the academy sponsorship program to support more girls from underserved areas.Collaborate with community organisations to address socio-economic challenges hindering participation.
  • Regularly host and elevate girls' rugby festivals. Establish media partnerships to enhance visibility and encourage more girls to join the sport.
  • Continuously recruit and support girls aged 6-18, aiming for consistent growth in the number of participants. Establish feeder programs to ensure a continuous influx of new talent.