The Girl Power Academy Coaching Team

The Girl Power Rugby Academy coaching team is a dynamic and passionate group of women dedicated to empowering young girls through the sport of rugby.

Committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment, this team of skilled coaches brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the rugby field. With a focus on skill development, teamwork, and self-confidence, the Girl Power Rugby Academy coaching staff strives to instill a love for the game while nurturing the personal growth of each player.

Through their support and mentorship, these coaches inspire girls to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and embrace the strength and resilience that rugby can cultivate both on and off the pitch.

The Girl Power Rugby Academy coaching team is not just about creating skilled rugby players; it's about fostering a community of empowered young girls ready to tackle any challenge with determination and unity.

Director of Rugby

As a former Provincial and National rugby player, current South African National Panel Referee, Director of False Bay Women’s Rugby, and the proud founder of the Girl Power Rugby Academy, she brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to women's rugby development. Over the years, her extensive involvement in the sport has highlighted the urgent need for initiatives focused on the growth of women's rugby. Now, at the helm of the Girl Power Rugby Academy, she is excited to contribute to the transformation of women's rugby in South Africa.

Halting her playing career in 2020 marked a pivotal moment as she redirected her focus towards advancing her refereeing and coaching career. As a passionate women's sports activist, she has consistently voiced her dreams of promoting women’s rugby, and this commitment is exemplified in her role as Director of women’s rugby at False Bay Rugby Club.

The remarkable growth of their senior women’s rugby team from 4 players in 2020 to over 60 registered women rugby enthusiasts underscores her dedication to the cause.

Looking ahead to 2024, her primary goal is to extend this impact by expanding both the junior academy and senior women’s team, aspiring to foster a community of more than 150 women rugby players. Together, they aim to build a legacy that transcends the boundaries of women's rugby development.

Head Coaches

Ameerah McNiel
U16/u18 Head Coach

Passionate about coaching young players, Ameerah specialises in guiding the u16/u18 age group...

Nikiwe Mama
U13 Head Coach

Meet our passionate u13s head coach, committed to laying the foundation for young girls in rugby....

Zara Wood
U8/U10 Head Coach

Our u8/u10s head coach combines a natural rapport with young kids and a wealth of coaching experience..

Simamkele Jaho
Good Hope Head Coach

Simamkele has been selected to head coach of the Good Hope Seminary u18 team due to the strong bond...

Assistant Coaches

Chelsea Solomon
U16/U18 Assistant Coach

Chelsea is a devoted rugby coach driven by a profound connection with her senior team...

Ashieqa Dollie
U13 Assistant Coach

Ashieqa is a coach with a compelling vision for structured team development, commencing from foundational skills...

Jenna Stuurman
U8/U10 Assistant Coach

Jenna had always dabbled in rugby but started playing contact in the beginning of 2021 at False Bay ...

Media Manager

Azhar Phillips
Social Media

With a keen eye for storytelling and a passion for promoting girls' rugby, Azhar is set to take our social media platforms ...