The Girl Power Academy Story

Responsive image In an ideal world, equal opportunities should be extended to all, with no barriers hindering anyone from venturing into the realm of sport, particularly not based on gender, geographical location, or economic status.

Our narrative traces back to Zoe's high school days when she first encountered touch rugby. Although initiated into the sport, Zoe's desire to play full-contact rugby faced significant hurdles due to limited access and availability of teams and coaching. What began as a personal aspiration evolved into a determined quest to understand the challenges hindering girls' involvement in rugby.

As Zoe expanded her rugby experience beyond high school, she confronted numerous issues and barriers impeding women's entry into the rugby sphere. Cultural, socioeconomic factors, along with historical disadvantages in finance and gender, collectively limited opportunities for women in the sport. In response, Zoe set out to establish a pathway that would simplify and professionalize women's entry into rugby.

This endeavor culminated in the inception of the Girl Power Rugby Academy, a haven designed to offer girls a secure environment to not only learn the game but also to be nurtured into fully-fledged players. The Academy stands as a testament to Zoe's commitment to breaking down barriers and providing a seamless avenue for women to embrace and thrive in the world of rugby.